Upcoming Events

Welcome Home


The goal of Welcome Home Sunday (November 3rd) is to have a day when everyone that is part of our Christian family comes together. After all, church is supposed to be a home, and believers are ‘kin’. Our focus of worship on that day is the blessing of Christian community. Thus, we want 100% of our able-bodied members there. 

Favorite Hymn Festival


 We remember the Reformation begun by Martin Luther in the 1500s with a song service featuring hymns chosen by the congregation.   Luther loved singing, so we’re remembering our heritage by singing God’s praises.

10:00 AM

November 3rd

Area Reformation Service


 We get to host this annual celebration on November 3rd at 4:00 PM. Family of God in Fort Mohave and Our Savior in Lake Havasu will join us. We’ll hear Luther ‘speak’ to us that day with a meal to follow.